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3 Questions with St. Louis Game Time's Laura Astorian

Ahead of tonight's big Central Division battle between the Predators and Blues, we checked in with the site manager of St. Louis Game Time, Laura Astorian (@hildymac on Twitter), to see what's going on in Mound City.


1) How is the Wade Redden signing working out?

So far so good - the couple of goals he has scored so far have gone to show that the Blues' system promotes even scoring from all lines as well as the defense -- anyone can flourish under Hitchcock's system, including washed up old blue-liners who now get to play with a top Norris candidate. I had middling expectations, so consider them exceeded.

2) With Vladimir Tarasenko's hot start, who does this threaten on the Blues' depth chart? Are there any top forwards in danger of losing their spot to the rookie?

I would say Matt D'Agostini's pretty much already lost his spot. He's barely played, and it's rough for a former 20 goal scorer to only see action in two of the team's first 8 games. If the Blues ever need to trade for someone, I can see him being packaged away. That being said, the Blues never trade unless they absolutely have to, so it looks like D'Ags is just part of a cycling line up of occasional space-fillers. If Tarasenko weren't here, he'd be playing every night.

3) Halak shut out the Preds in the teams' last meeting, but he's now on IR. Does Brian Elliott realize that he's just Brian Elliott, or is he looking to lead the league in save percentage again?

I think he realizes that last year was closer to fluke status than anything else. He still knows that he's capable of playing at a high level, though, and I think he's going to try his darndest to replicate last season's performance.

Make sure to come back later for tonight's Game Thread, but before then, head over to St. Louis Game Time and check out the Three Questions I answered for them regarding the Predators.