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The Major Addition to the Nashville Predators Lineup? Bridgestone Arena Food Upgrades

Fresh off a two-week road trip, the Preds have seven of their next nine games at Bridgestone Arena, where a variety of new & improved food offerings await hungry fans.

The Nashville Predators hosted an event earlier today in their new 501 Club (which is a pretty awesome piece of work itself) for several of us bloggers & other assorted media members, to highlight some of the new food items which fans can sample at Bridgestone Arena this season.

I'm no foodie, so can't eloquently express the nuts & bolts of what makes these treats work, but I'll share my impressions as an amateur glutton and father of 3:

  • Bacon on a Stick - BACON ON A STICK. BACON ON A STICK!!! This truly gives me hope for mankind. One suggestion, though... they should really try to make it a hockey stick.
  • Pork Wings - Offered either with a Hoison or Sweet & Spicy sauce, these are an interesting alternative to chicken wings, which can often be messy (a problem for anyone wearing their jersey to a game). The pork is tender and tasty, and it pops off the bone neatly.
  • Hot Chicken - I've only tried Nashville hot chicken a couple times, at a shack in Smyrna which closed after just a few months, but have been intrigued to try more. This stuff is wonderfully hot, but not to the point that it overwhelms everything else going on in your mouth. J.R. Lind gave it the thumbs-up, so it looks like lives up to local standards.
  • Chicken and Waffle Sandwich - I'm not a big waffle guy myself, but the idea here is that the waffles are made for each order fresh and soft, with chicken tenders lovingly rolled up inside.

The overriding theme to all of these dishes was an emphasis on high-quality ingredients that add to the arena experience for fans. Yes, they've got all the staples like hot dogs and popcorn (my personal vices), but for those looking for something new & different, the Preds are working to keep things interesting.

There is a complete guide to all the food offerings, and where you can find them at Bridgestone Arena, as a PDF you can download from the Predators' website. So right after you buy some tickets to an upcoming Preds game, chart out your culinary course as well.