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The OTF T-Shirt Store is Now Open!

Be the Frist on your block to show your pride in the Nashville Predators with an On The Forecheck t-shirt!

Together with our SB Nation partners Game Day Depot, the On The Forecheck t-shirt store is finally open!

Last summer we got some good ideas rolling for t-shirts, but I put them on the back burner at the time because the OTF Logo and website started going through a complete redesign, so it didn't make sense to promote gear with an outdated look.

Now that things have settled down (and we have hockey again, thank goodness) it's time to lift the curtain!


For starters, I have two shirts available - the new OTF logo emblazoned on a white or navy t-shirt. I'm going to add more designs over the coming days and weeks (digging through the emails & suggestions from last summer), but wanted to let you know about these right from the start.

How to Customize Your OTF Shirt

Thanks to Joel from Game Day Depot, we have instructions on how you can customize your OTF shirt (for example, putting your screen name on the back):

1. Go to the Design Studio at the SBNation store:

2. Choose your shirt color from the pallet on the right side.

3. Choose "ClipArt" from the menu on the left side. Find the category you want. Yours would be "SB Nation Hockey." There, you'll see the OTF logo. Click on that to add it to the tee. Position it how you like it.

4. To add your screen name, click the back to design the back of the tee, then click Names and Numbers. From there, it should be fairly self-explanatory.

Let us know at if you have any questions.

So make sure to bookmark the OTF T-Shirt store in your browser and start that Valentine's Day shopping!