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Keep Up With the Conversation: Get Live Preds Talk

Yes! #LaneLambertsHair is trending again!
Yes! #LaneLambertsHair is trending again!

We all know how the sports media world has been revolutionized over the last few years thanks to Twitter. Stories break and spread like wildfire within minutes, but if you're not following the right people, or if you're not on Twitter at all, you can miss out.

So what I've done is publish a page here at OTF that brings a wealth of Nashville Predators-related Twitter accounts into a single view, which you can take advantage of whether you have a Twitter account or not.

Check out the page right here. Bookmark away!

The nice thing about this page (which you can also find in the Library tab above) is that it updates automatically, so you can just leave it open and take a look occasionally to see what folks are talking about at the click of a mouse (which should be very, very handy at Trade Deadline time, for example).

Over 80 Twitter accounts make up this list, but if I missed any other worthies, feel free to let me know. Drop a comment here, tweet me at @Forechecker, or email me at