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Patric Hornqvist Ready to Return for Edmonton Game


Josh Cooper brings the news we've been waiting for:

Now of course, the question turns to which Nashville Predators player gets pushed out to make room for Hornqvist. Since the Predators have 23 men on the Active Roster currently, somebody has to go. Will it be...

  • Chris Mueller to Milwaukee? He's a center, though, and with Paul Gaustad still out it would be strange to see him go.
  • Taylor Beck? He's been impressive, certainly, but he can at least go back to MIlwaukee easily.
  • We didn't get any reports of players going on waivers yesterday, so that would seem to rule out guys like Rich Clune or Bobby Butler.
  • The Predators could also ship a defensemen back, like Vic Bartley (doubtful, considering the Top 4 minutes he's been playing), Roman Josi (no chance) or Ryan Ellis (hmm... there's a possibility). Currently the Predators have 8 defense on the Active Roster, although Scott Hannan hasn't played since March 17, so perhaps the team could put him on Injured Reserve in order to keep things as-is for tonight. That gives them a few more days to make a decision.

Stay tuned to see what happens... and launch into speculation over who watches from the press box tonight while you're at it.

UPDATE: As of 12:59 p.m., Ryan Ellis is no longer listed on the Preds' Active Roster. I'm guessing that means he's Milwaukee-bound.