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3 Questions with Hockey Wilderness on the Wild

Earlier today, I spoke with Hockey Wilderness writer Emilie, and she answered my three burning questions about the Wild.

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

1) What are your feelings on the realignment in terms of the rivalry (if any) you think may develop between Minnesota and Nashville? Particularly, do you think the Suter/Weber separation will be a large part of it?

I like the realignment a lot. I would have liked to see the division keep Detroit or Columbus and put the Avs in the Pacific Division, but you can't have everything. There is already a bit of a rivalry going on between the Jets and the Wild, so it's nice to have them in the same division. I love the Preds being in this division. But I've always like them (I think I may be the only person outside of Nashville to like the yellow jerseys!). It's going to be a tough division and I like that.

2) The Wild saw a string of injuries destroy their successful start to last year's season. Do you feel like you are a healthier team this year? Have you had to deal with any major injuries?

Not only are the Wild healthier, but they are deeper as well. There are a TON of prospects waiting to come up, to the point that it's pretty likely some major players on the current roster won't get resigned. There have been a few illnesses (at one point this season, both Parise and Suter where on IV drips for a number of games, and media had to wear face masks when entering the locker room). Other than Harding's obvious MS issues, the only major injury has been Clutterbuck's leg (thanks Taylor Hall). And Kuemper has a groin injury, but from what we've been told its just minor and should keep him out for too long.

3) The Wild do not have a particularly productive power play. What's up with that? Think they'll turn it around?

Honestly, the power play is a little ridiculous. Although they did get a power play goal in Chicago I think. It sucks... but at the same time, the Wilds PK is SO good, that I would take having a strong PK over scoring on the PP. The biggest issue is that the PP units are basically the same as the PK units and the top lines/pairings so everyone is just gassed. I hope they turn it around, but I'm not holding my breath either.

Should be a good, tight game tonight. Go Preds!