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Dallas Stars 5, Nashville Predators 2: Freaky Friday


The Nashville Predators dropped their fifth straight game, and eighth in their last nine, by a 5-2 decision to the Dallas Stars tonight. This one turned out much like you might expect, when you have one team playing out the string while relying on a number of AHL players enjoying battlefield promotions, facing another squad which still has a shot at the playoffs.

On the bright side, Taylor Beck and Bobby Butler scored nice goals, but those were outweighed by a number of gaffes and giveaways that the Stars were able to take advantage of all too easily. Yes, Chris Mason's numbers ended up looking horrible (13 saves on 18 shots), but the skaters didn't do him too many favors.

Random Observations

  • I understand the talent issues right now, but that Dallas goal early in the second period came about due to a sloppy line change, which is Hockey 101. What sucks about a goal against like that is the guys on the ice look like the culprits, when it's the lollygaggers coming off on a slow change who are to blame.
  • Thanks to recent results, the Predators have sunk back down to 30th in the league in goal-scoring.
  • This was only the third non-sellout of the season, with announced attendance of 16,818. I imagine things should pick up for Sunday (Detroit) and Monday (Vancouver, and the likely debut of Filip Forsberg).
  • That goal by Butler was a beauty though, eh? It sure would be nice to find a role for a sniper like that next season...
  • So what's your guess on that boarding by Kostitsyn late in the 3rd? I'll go with a fine from Brendan Shanahan, since his victim didn't appear to be hurt too badly.
  • The Predators blocked only 5 shots tonight, which has to be at or near a season low.

Boxscore - Game Summary - Event Summary

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