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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Managing Expectations

Look, I get it. You're excited. I'm excited. We're all excited. It looks like Filip Forsberg is going to play today. We're all expecting great things from him, that this could be The One Good Thing to come out of this miserable season. But I think we may need to issue a collective "settle down" here. The $9 day of game tickets, the Forsberg jerseys that are already on sale in the pro might be a bit much. Let's not put a ton of pressure on a guy who, while clearly talented, is 18 years old and has never faced this level of competition before. So let's just let the kid play some games and see what happens, ummmkay? Thanks.

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Richard Wolowicz

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Trotz: Forsberg may play Sunday

I have to say, this approach surprises me a bit. When the Erat trade was made, it felt like a move for next year at best. But here we are.

Nashville Predators prospect Filip Forsberg something of a mystery | The Tennessean

A great breakdown of just how much we don't know about our newest acquisition.

Hockey Prospectus | Trade Deadline: Erat For Forsberg

"He should find himself in the NHL at some point next season, or in 2014-15 at the latest." Or today.

Nashville Predators plan spoiler role against Detroit Red Wings | The Tennessean

When you can't win yourself, ruining another team's season is the next best thing. Always.

Penalty pileup hurts Milwaukee in home loss to Rockford | Admirals Roundtable

The loss drops the Admirals to ninth place with four to play.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Observations From Section 321 : One Banner Down, Two To Go - Second City Hockey

The Blackhawks clinched the Central Division yesterday. It only feels like it happened six weeks ago.

NHL Power Rankings: Top seeds jostling for playoff position - Yahoo! Sports

Based on what I've seen (and the Crosby injury), I think Chicago is number one, but whatever. That's why they play the games.

Capitals vs. Lightning: Mike Green's shot shatters Nate Thompson's visor -

Another day, another face exploded by a puck. Are we still having the visor debate, or is that pretty much over now?

NHL Death Watch: Dallas Stars surging; Avalanche near death | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

It's coming down to the wire for quite a few teams...should be an exciting couple of weeks.

Frozen Four 2013: Yale rides goalie Jeff Malcolm to shutout win, national title -

A dominating performance and a first-ever national title. Oh, they're gonna taunt those jokers at Harvard something fierce next year...

Ten Athletes Who Are Deserving of Hollywood Biopics | Extra Mustard -

What hockey player would you have on this list?


I, for one, don't mind the Tim McGraw song. But the video with the awkward "dancing"? That's gotta go.