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Monday's Dump & Chase: Why Are You Booing Tootoo?

I have a question for those who were booing and screaming insults at Jordin Tootoo last night...what's up with that? Look, I don't like seeing him in that stupid Red Wings jersey either, I just don't think he deserves any more animosity than anyone else on that team. And I'm not questioning whether you can boo him, just whether you should. Because I seem to remember Tootoo being basically benched in favor of other options late last season, some of whom turned out to be pretty disastrous. And I do not remember the Preds extending any kind of offer to him once free agency began. He signed with Detroit, and that's a bummer. But because Trotz and Poile don't think he's worthy of a roster spot, he's supposed to what, retire? Of course not. So may I suggest that you're not mad at Tootoo the player, but rather at Tootoo the situation. And if that's the case, the people you should boo are still here. Running the show.

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