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Friday's Dump & Chase: How Do You Feel About Fighting?

Personally, I like it when it's spontaneous. Somebody gets out of line, makes a run at the goalie, etc. and it gets settled on the ice. That's an important part of the game. The staged fights? Kinda stupid in my opinion. And as a momentum shifter? I don't know...I'm sure somebody has a story about seeing a fight swing the energy and outcome of a game, but I feel like I see a lot of fights when we're already down 3 goals. If it really helped win games, you'd see it more in the playoffs, where winning games is pretty important. But you don't.

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That guy in the Avs jersey likes it...reason enough to oppose?
That guy in the Avs jersey likes it...reason enough to oppose?
Frederick Breedon

Nashville Predators News

Clune's punch an important, consistent factor for Predators | Nashville City Paper

Consistant, yes. Important...I'm not so sure.

Smashville 24/7 - NHL Draft lottery standings

Can we get to third? In this respect, I believe in this team.

Nashville Predators' questions center on what to do in middle | The Tennessean

It's a bit thin right now, but the plan to move Colin Wilson to center is an interesting one.

Playoff Push Comes Down To Final Weekend - Milwaukee Admirals

Big weekend for the Ads, ties for 8th with three to play.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Seth Jones among top prospects who await worst NHL teams-USA Today

Here are your candidates...

Detroit Red Wings' playoff streak in jeopardy | Puck Drunk Love

OH NOOOOOO!!!! At least they'll still have the Lions and a beautiful city to enjoy.

Devils vs. Flyers: New Jersey fans don head-bags as winless streak stretches on -

Things I don't bring to games...paper bags, horns, whistles, signs, seafood. Things I DO bring to games...a flask, something to put in the flask.

Johan Franzen scores from center ice on Miika

These are always funny, and Detroit still lost. A clear win-win.

5 Reasons the Sharks Can Win the West | The Hockey Writers

They looked pretty good last night, and are tied for fourth in the Western Conference. Could this be the year?

Philadelphia Flyers' Chris Pronger recovering from head injury -

Full story is behind the subscriber wall, but you could always, you know, purchase an actual, physical copy of the magazine and check it out.

Looking at the 10 best NHLers through the neutral zone | Backhand Shelf

Matt Duchene is also #1 in goals scored while 10 feet offsides.