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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Making Them Earn It

If there's such a thing as moral victories, we saw one last night. While the losses continue to pile up, pushing the best team in the league to overtime on the road is pretty impressive. Now with three more days off before the next game(?!?!), hopefully the team can continue to gel and pull out a win in the final home game of the season against Calgary.

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Jonathan Daniel

Nashville Predators News

Massachusetts native has banner day | The Tennessean

Three goals in the last four games for Bobby Butler.

Smashville 24/7 - Preds earn point in Chicago

It's hard not to be encouraged by how these guys played against the best team in the league.


I hate people, but I love gatherings. So I guess I'll be there.

Admirals rally past Charlotte 6-4 in home finale | Admirals Roundtable

Milwaukee's magic number is three...will we see more roster shuffling with the off days this weekend?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Handicapping the final week of the 2013 NHL season in the Western Conference-

Hey, I thought Dallas gave up on this season at the trade deadline. What are they doing here?

Pavel Datsyuk's future in Detroit remains a mystery | Puck Drunk Love

He wants to go back to Russia? Any way we can roll back time and make this happen, like, a couple of years ago?

Watch Buffalo Sabres allow five goals in under three minutes to end postseason hopes | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Reminds me of that Phoenix game a couple of weeks ago. Man, that was awful.

NHL Leaves Wild, Blues Out of 2014 Outdoor Event : The Hockey Writers

Why have a game in Minnesota or St. Louis? It's not like those are cold weather cities or anything. You know what would be great? A game in Miami. Or maybe Puerto Rico.

Lasorda explains puck drop

"You do not talk to the opposition"-AWESOME.

The Ultimate Ode To Beer Vendors-Buzzfeed

"Beer Guy, you're my only friend"-overheard at almost every Preds home game this year.