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Friday's Dump & Chase: An "A" For Effort

The first period looked pretty good, huh? After that, well, Detroit is just a better team right now, with more to play for. It was good to see Mike Fisher back, and we even had a Craig Smith sighting! Another off day today, then back on the ice for the last time against Columbus on Saturday. Enjoy it while you can...

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Tom Szczerbowski

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Red Wings dismantle Preds

Pretty much, yeah.

Nashville Predators' Chris Mason struggles in rare start | The Tennessean

I wonder if that's the reason why they're "rare"?

OPERATION: Silver Lining (who to root for on Friday) | Section 303

The only one of these that seems possible is the Colorado-Phoenix game, but I guess you never know.

Postgame quotes | Predators Insider

We might be only one more loss away from "Yes" or "No" Shea Weber quotes.

There's an online movement to place a player you've never heard of on the cover of NHL 14-Awful Announcing

I had forgotten about the potential for Carrie Underwood to swing this vote. If Brandon Yip could (quickly) start dating Taylor Swift, two things would happen: 1. He'd win the vote in a landslide, and 2. We'd get a Taylor Swift song about Brandon Yip when he inevitably screws it up (her perception). It's a win-win.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Seth Jones tops Central Scouting final 2013 Draft rankings - 2013 NHL Draft

We'll find out where we're picking in just a few days.

If the NHL playoffs started today... | Hockey | CBC Sports

Sorry, Columbus. Nice try, go get 'em next year, etc.

Blue Jackets’ playoff dream reaches season’s final game, chasing Red Wings and Wild | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Ok, Columbus, maybe it's not over yet, need LOTS of help.

Get Fired Up About These 12 Great (Potential) NHL Playoff Matchups - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Chicago-Detroit would be an interesting matchup...can they both lose? Is that possible? Oh.

Tuukka Rask: Vezina Candidate? | The Hockey Writers

Pekka was a lock for this award if he hadn't faced the most point-blank one-on-one shots in the history of hockey, at any level, ever.

Three reasons why Martin St. Louis (potentially) winning the Art Ross Trophy is incredible | Backhand Shelf

Respect for the elderly is something we need more of as a society.

Online Sports Guys: Two Full Teams Fight On Ice In Juniors

Question: Why do the goalies always fight the other goalies? Why not go take a run at somebody who has scored a few on you instead? And isn't wearing body armor.

17 Examples of Video Game Cover Art That Make Other Art Embarrassed to Be Art | Extra Mustard -

Massive props if you played #11.