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NHL Draft 2013: Nashville Predators to Draft 1st, 4th, or 5th

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Dustin Bradford

Thanks to the outcomes of tonight's games, the Nashville Predators will finish 14th in the Western Conference, and 27th overall in the NHL standings, with a 16-23-9 record and a .427 points percentage that marks the franchise's worst result since 2001-2. Minnesota potted an empty-netter to beat Colorado 3-1, Tampa Bay fell to Florida 5-3, and of course the Predators lost to Columbus 3-1.

From the #4 position, Nashville has a 10.7% chance of winning the lottery Monday night and moving up to the 1st overall pick. There's a 33.3% chance that a team lower than the Predators will win the lottery, bumping them down one spot to fifth. Under the rest of the possibilities (56%) Nashville remains in the #4 spot.

So start your window shopping, Preds fans. Who do you like?