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Sunday's Dump & Chase: The Nightmare is Over

Yeah, it's been a rough one, but it's finally over. Not only did we lose the game, but we got basically no help in draft position, and the Wings and Wild both made the playoffs. Bummer. Now the offseason officially begins, and we'll see what changes are in store. It should be an active summer...

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Kirk Irwin

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators don't plan coaching, staff changes | The Tennessean

"It's hard to put your finger on it exactly because it's not just one thing. It's everything that you can think of." Everything except coaching and management, apparently. Nothing to assess there.

Postgame quotes | Predators Insider

Chris Mason definitely played a great game.

Nashville Predators Season Montage-102.5 The Game

Take a trip down memory lane.

Milwaukee ties things up with 2-0 Game Two victory | Admirals Roundtable

Well, at least one of the Admirals squads was able to win last night.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

First-round playoff matchups set after busy final day in the Western Conference | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Minnesota "wins" the right to get steamrolled by Chicago in Round 1.

Playoff picture in the West set, five seeds in East open-TSN

Plenty to decide in the East on the final day of the regular season.

This Flyer's got an eye for fashion - NHL News | FOX Sports on MSN

He's putting on a clinic for how to force a team to trade/ release a player.

30 Thoughts: Canucks discover winning ugly is beautiful thing | Hockey | CBC Sports

Diving and constantly crying to the refs is definitely winning ugly. I agree.

Don Cherry says "No" to women in the Locker Room | Awful Announcing

I say "No" to those ridiculous suits, so we all have opinions.

Sundogs go over the top in scissor-lift ticket campaign-Fox Sports Arizona

This wacky morning DJ routine looks like it worked. Even though it's kinda stupid.

The 9 People You'll See At Every Golf Course - SportsPickle Opinion

For the fellas, you know, because it's the offseason.