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Monday's Dump & Chase: Winter Classic to Return, Multiply?

Not only is the NHL Winter Classic set to come back in 2014 with a rescheduled match between the Red Wings & Maple Leafs in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but now there is open discussion about holding more outdoor games each season. Preds vs. Stars at LP Field, anyone?

Patrick McDermott

Nashville Predators News

Paul McCann - Sunday Shots, Backs Against the Wall, Cheering and more
Paul kindly requests that Chicago fans leave their anthem antics at home.

Milwaukee finishes back-to-back sweep of Charlotte | Admirals Roundtable
Even without Austin Watson, the Admirals had a good weekend.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Red Wings, Maple Leafs to meet in 2014 NHL Winter Classic - CBC
The big show is back on, and the jerseys for the event look spectacular.

NHL mulls playing multiple outdoor games - ESPN
With college football expected to make a renewed push to dominate New Year's Day, this is probably a good idea anyway.

Worst hockey fight of 2013? Swiss players have gloved comedy bout (Video) | Puck Daddy
Um... yeah, this is pretty bad.

Alex Ovechkin is silencing his critics - Puck Drunk Love
But will Mike Milbury really shut up? Noooooooo...

Gary Bettman on Coyotes sale: more interest than ever before | Puck Daddy
Does anybody believe any of this stuff anymore? Just tell us when a deal is done, one way or the other.

NHL looking to expand on ‘European business plan’ | Puck Daddy
Obviously it needs to start by the NHL sponsoring a blogger to head overseas and provide coverage of the scene in places like Sweden & Finland. I'll volunteer...

james mirtle: No, I'm not a Leafs fan - A hockey journalist's blog
The Globe & Mail's Toronto beat writer (and former NHL league manager for SB Nation) shares his journey from hockey fan to full-time sportswriter.