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Saturday's Dump & Chase: L.A.'s Title Defense Continues

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So the Kings have advanced, overcoming a 2-0 deficit to take out the Blues. That must be extremely upsetting to the good people of St. Louis. But the Leafs and Capitals both won, extending Round 1 just a bit longer. And don't forget the Wings and Ducks (as hard as we might try), who are going to Game 7. Plus we have Penguins-Islanders tonight. Happy Saturday!

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Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators still undecided about Bobby Butler | The Tennessean

Of course.

USA Doubles Up France; Grabs First Place-USA Hockey

Bobby Butler (see above) with a goal and Craig Smith with an assist. By the way, hey France, if you're reading this, are you aware that your national team wears a jersey with a chicken on the front? You might want to look into it.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Hart Trophy 2013: Alex Ovechkin, John Tavares, Sidney Crosby named finalists -

Our fake votes are coming soon. Stay tuned! - Eklund - With No Inter-Conference Play There Should Be Two MVPs Awarded

Um, no. One will be just fine.

Ok. Red Wings 4-3 Ducks (OT) - Winging It In Motown

Who are we rooting for here again? Oh right...nobody.

Nash: ‘It’s not a good thing when you can’t help your team win’ | ProHockeyTalk

With one assist and ZERO goals, yeah, you're not helping.

Evgeni Nabokov Needs to Steal A Game For The Islanders : The Hockey Writers

And this would be that game.

NHL closer to committing to 2014 Olympics-USA Today

Maybe this is controversial, but I'd be o.k. without the NHL players in the Olympics.

There is no grand conspiracy against your dumb NHL team (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Roberto Luongo says goodbye (again) to Vancouver-CBC Sports

Will he actually be traded this time?

24 Hockey Mullets That Changed The World-Buzzfeed

A nice look at the old Canadian Passport, the Tennessee Top Hat, the Kentucky Waterfall, etc.