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Monday's Dump & Chase: Must-See TV

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Well, there won't be a Duck Dynasty this year (just thought I'd throw that in...that show is really hot right now) as the Red Wings become the latest Survivor (that's still on, right?) in this Amazing Race called the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Will they become the next (please don't say it) American Idols? Ok, I'm done. But seriously, is there anything better than a Game 7? And we get two of 'em tonight, as the Leafs and Rangers kept Round 1 rolling just a bit don't change that station! Unless the games are on different channels. Which they probably are.

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Jeff Gross

Nashville Predators News

Post Season Review: Bottom Six Forwards - Predlines

Who got an "A" in this group? No really...somebody did.

Nashville Predators hope Pekka Rinne shakes team's injury hex in goal | The Tennessean

FACT: The hip is an important part of the body.

Team USA Shuts Out Germany-USA Hockey

Bobby Butler with a goal.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Momentum tilted in Maple Leafs' favour- Toronto Sun

Coming back from down 3-1? Absolutely.

Ducks Lose 3-2, Season Ends, Grab the Golf Bags - Anaheim Calling

I really didn't believe in them all year, but I thought they had enough to beat the Wings. That was wrong.

Is the NHL responsible for Derek Boogaard’s death? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

And the lawsuits begin.

Larry Brooks: Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers force Game 7 against Washington Capitals -

I think the Rangers will need more than one goal to win Game 7.

Alan May blasts officiating in game 6-Washington Post

Could we have a good, old-fashioned conspiracy here? Probably not.

Pregnant Blackhawks fan goes into labour during Game 5, waits for it to end | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Should we be celebrating this? It seems to me these people are idiots.

LA Kings reporter congratulates Matthew Perry on his show getting canceled-Awful Announcing

Well, he will have more free time now, so that's a positive, right?

How to decide whether to watch overtime - ESPN

Why would you EVER turn a game off at the most important time? Because you have to work in the morning? You have sick days left...use 'em.