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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: On The Horachek?!?

Well, I guess we have our fall guy. I was wondering if we'd ever find out why the team was so bad this year, and we finally have the answer. Peter Horachek. Seriously, seems like kind of a strange move, right? We seem to be in a situation where the head coach and GM can't (or won't) be fired individually, so this kind of smaller move is about all that can be done to shake things up. And I have no idea what kind of coach he is or the personalities involved so it could be justified. But it seems like an odd place to draw the line. If I were you, Lane Lambert, I'd keep that resume handy. We've got two games tonight, with Boston looking to go up 3-0 in New York, and the Sharks will try to even things up at home vs. Los Angeles. Can we get the game times to swap? These West Coast late games are killing me. (H/T to andyaxel for the headline suggestion. I'm exceptionally lazy, so help is always welcome.)

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Frederick Breedon

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Pekka Rinne optimistic about hip surgery | The Tennessean

It sounds like the injury was getting worse and this was the only option. So we'll try to stay optimistic, too.

Smashville 24/7 - STPM: #4 vs. #13

A playoff win ALWAYS rates higher than an individual play. So #4 moves on.


It's a pretty solid group. We'll see what happens this year.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Oh Man. Red Wings 3-1 Blackhawks - Winging It In Motown

Yeah, that's about right. As a side note, can we please do something about people bringing seafood to the arena? Can you imagine sitting next to somebody who's carrying a fish in his pants for a couple of periods? Disgusting.

NHL Tooth Watch: Cataloging all the lost fangs in the 2013 playoffs | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Does the NHL have an official dental industry sponsor?

Sixth Sense: Dan Bylsma Decision Could Cost Penguins Stanley Cup-The Hockey Writers

They lost one game in double overtime. Let's not get too crazy.

Report: Grabovski admits he bit Pacioretty in Feb. 9 game-TSN

I guess we can close the investigation on that one.

MasterCard Memorial Cup- Portland 6 London 3

Seth Jones finishes a team-high +4, so I guess he's still going #1. Today, anyway.

Tie Domi's Son Pulls Off Between-The-Legs Saucer Pass-Deadspin

Pretty slick.

UNCONFIRMED: Patrick Roy likely to be the next coach of the Avalanche - Mile High Hockey

Hopefully he'll be able to hear the phone ring when the Avs call.

More Hilariously Negative Yelp Reviews of Stadiums, Arenas and Golf Courses - SportsPickle Opinion

The combination of bored and angry that these people put together for their 800 word reviews is impressive.