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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Goodnight, Rangers

Well, that's gonna be about all for New York. They slipped by Washington somehow, but they've run out of steam against Boston. A pretty tough end for a team that was expected to contend for the Cup this year. And how about those Sharks? They've come back from down 2-0 to tie the series, and have really carried the play in every game. Should be an exciting finish. Tonight Ottawa looks to even things up with Pittsburgh after stealing Game 3 in a double overtime thriller. Can they do it?

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Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News

David Poile mishandled Peter Horachek’s firing -

C'mon, who hasn't been fired over the phone? I think I might actually prefer it.

Annual Report Card: Roman Josi | The Predatorial

You had me until "young Swiss starlet". Please don't ever use that phrase again.

Nashville Predators, Craig Smith hope European play sparks resurgence | The Tennessean

As do we all.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Kings vs Sharks Mid-Series Review - Jewels From The Crown

The numbers aren't too kind to the Kings...they could easily be down 3-1.

No one besides Lundqvist stepping up -

Championship teams are not built with handsome goalies alone.

LA Kings Tweet Out Rape Joke [UPDATE]-Deadspin

I suppose this was inevitable. I guess this is why most teams have a more, um, straightforward social media presence.

Pavel Datsyuk may not be naturally gifted, but he works hard, says Glenn Healy (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Wait, what? Natural or not, he's the real deal.

The 15 best hockey fights from the 2013 regular season-Puck Drunk Love

Hey, Big Ern!

Dallas Stars to Unveil New Uniform, Logo at Rebranding Event - Dallas Stars

I hope it's something with a ten-gallon hat. Those are awesome.

Blue Jackets noticing upswing at box office-TSN

A move to the East and not sucking as much are positives, for sure.

MasterCard Memorial Cup-Halifax 9 London 2

They kept the scorekeeper busy in this one.

The 20 Types of Depressed Sports Fans- Grantland

I'm definitely a solid #2 and #9 with a dusting of #6. Hahaha I just said I'm a solid #2!