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Friday's Dump & Chase: Blackhawks Circling the Drain

If Detroit advances, it's the biggest upset of the playoffs, right? I mean, they barely made it in, so a trip to the Western Conference Finals would be pretty unexpected. The home team has won every game in the L.A.- San Jose series, but the Sharks will have to break that streak to advance. And the Rangers prolonged the inevitable by finally getting a win in Game 4. Pittsburgh will take a shot at being the first team to advance tonight, and it seems likely they will. Just ask the Senators.

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Gregory Shamus

Nashville Predators News

Brent Peterson's legacy grows after Parkinson's surgery | The Tennessean

A great interview. Check it out.

Nashville Signs "Tootoo-ish" prospect Leipsic |

Hey, we got Tootoo back! So excited!!!

Smashville 24/7 - STPM: #5 vs. #13

Don't be ridiculous. It's Pekka all the way. Pekka cleaning his garage would be a 7-seed in this tourney.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

The Blackhawks Are Pushed To The Edge In 2-0 Shutout - Blackhawk Up

Cheer up,'s baseball season! I haven't looked at the standings, but I'm positive the Cubs are right near the top.

Kings dominate Sharks to move a win away from advancing - Fear The Fin

Best game the Kings have played in the series.

Listen to a linesman drop an F-bomb on John Tortorella | Backhand Shelf

NSFW, depending on where you work, I guess.

Tortorella scratches Richards for Rangers' Game 4-NY Post

At least he's only under contract for 7 more years.

Seguin, Toews, and Jagr can’t score a goal in the playoffs, which must mean they’re terrible | Backhand Shelf

Jagr gets a pass because he's a senior citizen. The other two...not so much.

My Year as a Florida Panthers Season Ticket Holder | CAVE Magazine

An awesome story. I really wish I had thought of this.

A New Storm Launches June 4 - Carolina Hurricanes

More new uniforms? Sweet.

Is this the new Dallas Stars logo? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

But these are disappointing. No cowboy hats, cattle, nothing.

The 13 Most Unusual Achievements In Sports-Buzzfeed

The Legwand Hat Trick is the toughest to repeat, just because of the timing involved. Major props to the Lemieux Cycle though.

Snow Cone Vendor Taking A Dump With Snow Cones In Stall [VIDEO] - Busted Coverage

Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.