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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Alfredsson Sees the Future, Penguins Advance

That was spooky, huh? Just the other day, he was telling us the Senators weren't coming back, and he was right! He's just like old what's-his-name. Was the James Neal hat trick part of the prediction? I didn't read that part. So the Penguins advance, and will wait to see if Boston can finish off New York tonight. And for fans of comedy and failure, the 7-seed Red Wings have a chance to eliminate the President's Trophy-winning Blackhawks. While you're waiting for the games to start, why don't you go outside for a's a beautiful day!

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Is this man a witch. Maybe. Just maybe.
Is this man a witch. Maybe. Just maybe.

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators put faith in Scandinavian scouts | The Tennessean

Hopefully they can work their magic again this year.

Smashville 24/7 - STPM: #1 vs. #8

The 1-seed moves on, and it shouldn't be close.

2013 NHL Mock Draft: The Next Ones Memorial Cup Edition | The Hockey Writers

What luck! The guy who needs shoulder surgery will likely be available at #4!

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Senators out of their league with Penguins | Ottawa Sun

It's really difficult to win when you allow 6 goals.

Red Wings' unsung hero for playoff run? GM Ken Holland | Detroit Free Press

And if the Wings had failed to slip in to the playoffs? The goat of the season...GM Ken Holland.

Observations From Section 321 : Toews'd And Confused - Second City Hockey

A point-by-point meltdown on the meltdown. You're welcome.

Brassard swats Boston’s gnat -

"[Marchand's] been asking everybody on our team to fight all series, so I thought it was time to take him up on it, but then I guess he didn't have any interest." BURN.

Stars among possible teams for former Canucks coach Vigneault-TSN

There's going to be a few jobs available. I'm sure he'll get a shot at one of 'em.

Updating the Bobrovsky Situation-Hockey Buzz

What would be in Columbus or Russia? A really tough call.

NHL Draft 2013: An Interactive Visualization of Drafts of Years Past - Stanley Cup of Chowder

Trivia: Who's the one player the Preds have drafted from Kazakhstan? And no, it's not this guy.

Better playoffs -- NHL or NBA? | Watch the video - Yahoo! Sports

The NBA sucks. Playoffs or no playoffs. And I'll never watch another game because of this. If you have 8 minutes to spare, check it out.

3rd Grade Blackhawks Fan Awesomely Fails Her Math Test - SportsPickle

The parents are clearly to blame here.

Why You're Still A Fan, Despite All The Crap: A Look Inside Your Brain-Deadspin

You can't help it. It's a sickness.