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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Bruins Advance, Wings Don't

Boston took care of business. The Red Wings? Not so much. Detroit better hope they win Game 6 at home or they're in real trouble. Maybe if Tootoo was playing...ok, maybe not. The Kings have a chance to be the first team in the Western Conference Finals, but they'll need to win on the road to do it, something they've only been able to do once in the playoffs this year. And don't forget to flip over to the Memorial Cup final on NHL's your last chance to see some of the top prospects in action before the draft.

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Jared Wickerham

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Mitch Albom: Red Wings can't finish off Blackhawks, now must play on Memorial Day | Detroit Free Press

Oh no! Don't take away their holiday! They had a picnic planned and everything....

Tortorella takes ‘some’ responsibility as Rangers’ season comes to an end -

That's nice. I think they just need more "sandpaper" in the lineup.

San Jose Sharks must get past Los Angeles Kings' Jonathan Quick - Contra Costa Times

Thanks, Captain Obvious.

Let the gamesmanship begin as Kings, Sharks call each other for diving - LA Times

Let the evidence speak for itself. (Editor's Note: Jason is from Northern California and a lifetime hater of all things Los Angeles.)

When Will Marc-Andre Fleury Play Again? | The Hockey Writers

Probably never, the way things are going.

Mooseheads Take On Winterhawks in Final-Memorial Cup

I bet the Colorado front office is keeping a close eye on this one.

NHL, Coyotes buyers group to meet with Glendale officials-Arizona Republic

So it could be settled soon. Or it's still a mess. Nobody knows for sure.

Russian hockey team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl rebuilds in Amish country - ESPN

A great piece. Check it out.

NHL Awards: No Vegas, just two TV specials during Stanley Cup Final | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Will anyone notice? Aside from the players and media who would've gone to Vegas for a couple of days?

Bro Wearing 'Teabag the Rags' Shirt Accused of Exposing Himself-Deadspin

Stay classy, Boston Sports Fan.