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Friday's Dump & Chase: Can You Root For This Man?

I'm having a bit of a hard time with it. As a (temporary) Penguins fan (since yesterday), I know I should be pulling for the captain, but it's tough. Is it the whining? Is it the beard? Or am I still holding this against him? Whatever it is, I've gotta work through it somehow...I've been rooting for the Pens too long to turn back now.

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Justin K. Aller

Nashville Predators News

Did Tomas Vokoun get shafted during the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs? | The Predatorial


Jones, MacKinnon, Drouin go through pre-Combine rigours-TSN

That #4 pick looks worse every day. Maybe somebody ahead of the Preds will do something stupid.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Key questions for the 2013 NHL conference finals -

Can the Kings win a road game? Because they'll need at least one.

Your NHL Conference Finals Announcing Schedule-Awful Announcing

HUGE thanks to NBC for streaming all the games. Now I can watch Lifetime movies AND hockey! I don't have to choose!

San Jose Sharks: Always in the mix, never holding the bowl -

The "always in the mix" part is important. Not many teams can say that.

Why referees “put the whistle away” late in games | Backhand Shelf

Because they're weak and stupid.

Rick Nash says performance “good” - NY Post

Including the playoffs?

Will the Isles make a play for Luongo? | ProHockeyTalk

That would be interesting. A huge step up from what they have, for sure.

Hockey Canada’s older bodychecking age sends a message that children’s safety is paramount - The Globe and Mail

There's no need for 11 year olds to be blasting each other on the ice.

Destination Newark And NYC: 2013 NHL Draft-The Hockey Writers

Come visit sunny Newark, New Jersey! It's like Detroit, but with more pollution!

Sportsnet's Hockey Twitter Account Has Been Hacked For Five Days-Deadspin

Even ONE day seems too long. Maybe they're too busy eating that pathetic excuse for bacon to fix it.

Video Game Hell: Let's place LeBron James and the Heat on an NHL team -

LeBron is too much of a front-runner to play for the Rangers, so this is ridiculous.

Pittsburgh’s Howlers Coyote Cafe Bans Boston Beer Conference Finals-Busted Coverage

An interesting idea, but they should try to find something that punishes Boston Sports Fan specifically, not just people who happen to enjoy Sam Adams.

Detroit Red Wings Fans Are The Best-Buzzfeed

The best at being the worst, anyway.