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Saturday's Dump & Chase: The Islanders, You Guys!

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So yeah, the Sharks won in overtime. Big deal. The Islanders overcame two Sidney Crosby goals and an early 3-1 deficit to shock the Penguins, and really, the world with a 4-3 victory. I mean really, how many people expected the Islanders to even win one game? And now I'm starting to worry, having publicly stated that I'd eat my hat if Pittsburgh lost in Round 1. So now I have to root for the Penguins. Great.

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Nashville Predators News

Trotz: Predators Brought Knife to Gun Fight |

Injuries aside, some of this "we didn't have enough talent" stuff cracks me up. It's like the Roster Fairy flew down in the middle of the night and constructed a pretty flawed lineup, and he woke up surprised and confused like the rest of us.

Smashville 24/7 - Podcast: The Season That Was

Great recap...can't wait for Part 2.


Question: Can he be converted to a high-scoring forward?

Nashville Predators could find quick help in minors | The Tennessean

Could, should, and most likely will.

Third-period comeback falls short, Milwaukee’s season ends in Game Four | Admirals Roundtable

Another close game, but that's it for the Admirals.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Saturday Morning Pontifications: Wild pull disappearing act in Chicago - Hockey Wilderness

Now just disappear two more times at home, and we'll be good.

O Brothers Where Art Thou? (Rant Alert) - Nucks Misconduct

Can you hear it? It's the sound of the world's smallest violin, playing just for Canucks fans.

Freaky: Goalies Craig Anderson, Carey Price both lose teeth in playoff games (Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Ugh. I mean, seriously.

Lots Of People Don't Want To See Lars Eller's Blood-Deadspin

An interesting discussion about sanitizing the coverage of violent incidents like this one.

Fraser: Taking a look at the Gryba on Eller hit-TSN

A long, and very detailed look at how the officials deal with a play like this.

Ottawa Senators' Eric Gryba's hit on Montreal Canadiens' Lars Eller was clean according to Sun writer Don Brennan- Ottawa Sun

Apparently it's Eller's fault because he was wearing a visor. I have to admit, I hadn't thought of that particular angle on this one.

Plus/Minus: The Laziest Stat in Hockey? | The Hockey Writers

As always, there's no one magic statistic that tells the whole story.

NBC posts record NHL regular season ratings-Awful Announcing

Yet another lockout lesson learned.

The Hilarious And Bizarre Canadian "SportsCentre" Anchors Are Coming To America-Buzzfeed