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Monday's Dump & Chase: Fight Club

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Yeah, the playoffs have been intense. But for fans of hockey AND bare-knuckle boxing, you got a real treat in Ottawa last night. Violent hits and too many dropped gloves to count resulted in over 200 penalty minutes in a 6-1 Senators win. And now this series, which I didn't care about really at all, has become must-watch television. Can't wait for Game 4.

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Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators take step back by missing playoffs | The Tennessean

1. It's better to bottom out and get a high pick rather than finish 9th...or even 8th. This team wasn't going anywhere, even if they snuck in somehow. 2. The spotlight will ABSOLUTELY be on management should things go sour again next year.

The 303:30 – Brendan Leipsic, Steve Sullivan and a very special announcement | Section 303

If you prefer your analysis in audio form.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Watch Senators, Canadiens Game 3 line brawl a.k.a ‘center ice war’ (Fight Video) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

If you haven't seen it yet, do it now. Wild.

Video: Josh Gorges fires puck at Senators | ProHockeyTalk

Not cool, dude.

Jean-Gabriel Pageau scores, loses tooth Video - NHL VideoCenter

What's up with all these teeth falling out, NHL? Suggestion for your forced-view ads: milk, fluoride, dentures, novocaine.

Blackhawks don't answer Wild's do-or-die mindset |

Probably because they didn't have to "do-or-die", being up 2-0. And being much, much better.

Your Call: Which Goalie Starts In Game 4? - Nucks Misconduct

My call? Luongo should start so when they get swept, they can pin it on him and him alone. Even though that's not the reason they're going home early this year.

It's the End of The Canucks As We Know Them | The Hockey Writers

This is the more accurate, non-goalie related assessment.

Abdelkader suspended two games for charging Lydman-TSN

That seems about right.

Penguins Fan Gets Kicked Out Of Nassau Coliseum For Being...

I've seen this happen before, and it always amazes me. Idiot.

Capitals fan has fantastic sign-Sportress of Blogitude

Ok, this is pretty funny. But I'm still anti-signs at the arena.