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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Toronto Loves Hockey?

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Apparently, as huge numbers of fans packed Maple Leafs Square on "Blue and White Day" to celebrate the first Leafs home playoff game in a decade. And it was a heartwarming scene, aside from one total freaking moron. Alas, it wasn't to be, and the Bruins took game 3 and a 2-1 series lead. There's plenty of action tonight as well, with the Canucks potentially getting swept in San Jose, the fistfights in Ottawa, and those pesky Islanders giving the Pens everything they can handle. Should be a fun one...

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Nashville Predators News

The View from 111: Grading the Predators: The Defense

Each of these ratings seems about right to me, but I don't know. Maybe nobody should get an "A".

Smashville 24/7 - Smith’s sophomore season a ‘learning curve’

But I'm not sure the guy who doles out the ice time believes in that particular philosophy.

Nashville Predators may be able to fix problems in free agency | The Tennessean

Sure these are interesting. Except the guy with 1 goal and 3 assists last year. I feel like he's already on the team.

NHL 14 Cover Vote - Final 16 - NHL 14 News | EA SPORTS

You've gotten Mike Fisher this far, but here's where it gets tough.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

My Hands Feel Just Like Two Balloons: Wings 3-2 Ducks (OT) - Winging It In Motown

For some reason, we just can't get the Wings to roll over in this series. Frustrating.

Trillo Talk: Bruins rebound, Kings won't go away-CBC Sports

Why won't the Kings go away? No, really. Why.

Canadiens vs. Senators: NHL will not administer discipline for Game 3 events -

Sure. Everything was fine, anyway. Nothing to see here. Besides if there were suspensions, who would be available to fight tonight?

What We Learned: Why ‘letting them play’ is nonsense in the NHL | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Officiating should be consistent. But it never will be.

Gallagher, Huberdeau and Saad named Calder Trophy finalists-TSN

Thanks for coming out, Nail Yakupov. You had a nice little season, there, buddy.

Maple Leafs fan knocked out in Boston-Toronto Sun

I guess this is the official marker that it's o.k. to start hating Boston Sports Fan again.

Use your head: When it comes to high hits in the NHL, the risk-reward isn't worth it - Yahoo! Sports

Exactly. It's really dangerous, especially since apparently everyone has really, really loose teeth.

NHL Stadium Series: Kings-Ducks at Dodger Stadium set for Jan. 25, 2014 -Sporting News

So it's not just a stupid idea anymore.

The Best Team in The NHL Right Now

...not the one listed in this link. 1000%.

70 facts and stats from the 2013 regular season-Puck Drunk Love

ICYMI: The Preds lost EVERY GAME they trailed in after the first period.

'Amazing Race' Season 22 Winners Revealed-The Hollywood Reporter

The Hockey Brothers win it all! (Spoiler Alert)