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Thursday's Dump & Chase: 13 for 34

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That's where we're at on overtime games this postseason. A little more than halfway through Round 1. I don't keep the league records, but 13 OT games at this point seems like a lot. With three more games tonight, can we get that total even higher? At least there aren't any West Coast games...I'm really tired.


Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Injuries were more than an excuse

The injuries were significant, especially at the end. But the performance was below average, at best, before half the roster had season-ending surgery.

Which Predator Could Be an Amnesty Buyout? - Predlines

Count me as a "no" on this one.

Smith's Trick Propels Team USA Past Finland-USA Hockey

That's CRAIG Smith. I know, right?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Ducks Win Game Five, I lose Five... Years Off My Life - Anaheim Calling

Overtime is stressful.

LA Kings at St. Louis Blues Game 5 Recap - St. Louis Game Time

I think we're officially in panic mode in St. Louis.

Dion Phaneuf's pinch in OT disastrous for Leafs, his reputation-Toronto Sun

Yeah, he swung and missed, leading to the OT winner. When the Leafs get back to the playoffs in 2021, I hope things go better.

Rangers even series with Caps -

Thanks for winning in regulation guys.

Henrik Lundqvist, Sergei Bobrovsky, Antti Niemi NHL's 2013 Vezina Trophy nominees-

I gotta look at this one a bit more before I decide who gets my fake vote.

What the hell do the Vancouver Canucks do now? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Probably something "final" with a couple of people. What a mess.

Ten Reasons Why the Pittsburgh Penguins Will be Golfing Next Week : The Hockey Writers

To be fair, we don't know they'll be golfing. They could be bowling, playing cards, fishing, etc. The possibilities are endless.

USHL's Chicago Steel draft paralyzed hockey player Jack Jablonski -


Sens Owner's Amazing Gift For Girl's Family | ThePostGame

Has there ever been a school principal that was a normal human being, ever? No offense if you're a principal.

Which "Mighty Ducks" Characters Should Go First In An Overtime Shootout-Buzzfeed

Not sure we can draw too many conclusions from what appears to be a pretty small turnout. Still, an important debate.

Events of 1993 when the last Canadian team won the Stanley Cup -

Scoreboard! USA! USA! USA!