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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Conference Finals Begin; Who You Got?

It's a doubleheader tonight, with the Kings visiting Chicago in the early game, followed by Boston at Pittsburgh. As a longtime (3 days) Penguins fan, I know who I'm rooting for, but how about you? In case you need some help, here's a couple of links. Please base your decision on this evidence alone. Enjoy the games! Kings Bruins Blackhawks Penguins

Joel Auerbach

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Penguins' Vokoun has overcome plenty to get to this point |CBC Sports

Not bad for the 23rd goaltender taken in the '94 draft.

NHL stands behind NHL referee Walkom's no-goal call-TSN


Kypreos: Rangers' job interests Gretzky, Messier -

Wayne Gretzky is one of my favorite human beings. The highlight goals, the records, the degenerate gambling, all of it. Hope he gets the job.

With John Tortorella gone, ugly hockey will go away forever! (Trending Topics) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

"Henrik Lundqvist was probably sick of winning games by one goal", which sounds a lot like my belief that Pekka Rinne is probably sick of losing games by one goal.

Four Players to Root for in the Conference Finals | The Hockey Writers

I say NO THANKS to all of these, but hey, you can make your own decisions.

Blackhawks-Red Wings Game 7 is highest rated NHL game on NBCSN-Awful Announcing

Not a big surprise, and I'm sure this would be the league's dream Finals matchup after realignment.

Wild ‘missed an opportunity this year’ | ProHockeyTalk

But I thought more time at home was the goal?

Dreamcrushers: The most destructive owners and GMs in sports | The Turnstile - Yahoo! Sports

Good News: There's only one representative from the NHL on this list. Bad News: It's the commissioner.

David Beckham on the Kings' kiss cam... with his daughter- Puck Drunk Love

I'm working on a virus that will erase the Kiss Cam graphic from every stadium and arena. Stay tuned.

Pennsylvania bakery changes Boston cream pie to "Penguins" cream pie-Yardbarker

Ok, now that's just hurtful. You can't take away the only thing decent about Boston. Let them keep the dessert.

Couple’s Kings/Blackhawks combo tattoo seemed like good idea at the time (Photos) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

This is just a horrible tattoo. The subject matter doesn't help, either.

21 Athletes Rocking Sweet Jorts-Buzzfeed

An important public service announcement as we roll into summer. Kenny Powers is the only one who pulls this off. Think about that.