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Monday's Dump & Chase:No Games Today :(

With the Stanley Cup Final not starting until Wednesday, what are we supposed to do to pass the time? NBA Finals? Give me a break. We've got baseball, but there's like a hundred games left in the regular season, so I'll forgive you if you're not into it yet. Maybe we should try to spend some time outside, maybe read a book. Whatever you decide to do while we wait, don't forget to stop by and have a cup of coffee with us every morning. It's always GAME DAY here at OTF.

Rich Lam

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

BOSTON/CHICAGO Here's What Happened the first 600 Times They Played - Hockey Buzz

Everybody hates a small sample size, so here you go.

Penguins’ coach Dan Bylsma supports Marc-Andre Fleury, ‘this franchise’s goalie’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

If he's still around to make that decision, anyway.

Oilers to announce Eakins as the new bench boss on Monday-TSN

There's nowhere to go but up.

Could mandatory visors spell an end to fighting in hockey? | ProHockeyTalk

No. Visors protect the eyes. They do not, as of right now, cure the murderous rage that boils up inside a man.

Bracket: Claude Lemieux or Patrick Roy? Who's hated more? | Detroit Free Press

I'll bet this is a tough one. I've got Lemieux by a (broken) nose.

2013 Rink Wrap: Martin Erat - Japers' Rink

They seem a little disappointed by this trade. I totally understand why.

Sunday Funnies: Milk Carton | Backhand Shelf

Have you seen this man? Such a sad story.

John Tortorella Pacing Around Penn Station Screaming At Total Strangers To Clear Puck Into Neutral Zone-Onion Sports

I found the perfect spot for him...the Rutgers hockey program. He'd fit right in.