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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Anything Happen Yesterday?

I guess I picked a bad day to hide in my Safe Place (not storm related). This really is fantastic news, though. I love Josi's play, but I also have to thank the parties involved for sparing us the terror of the Offer Sheet Scenario, or even worse, Family Time. The psychological trauma we've been spared really is priceless. Now we just need to get Bobby Butler signed and we're all good, right?

He's happy, you're happy, everybody's happy!
He's happy, you're happy, everybody's happy!

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Josi’s new contract a good risk

It's a no-brainer, really.

Predators re-signing Roman Josi prevents potential offer sheet repeat -

That was obviously the worst-case scenario. Obviously.

Draft experts agree on top two 2013 NHL Draft picks, not much else -

Three mock drafts, two different players falling to the Preds at #4.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Cup finals questions: Will the officiating stay front and center? | ProHockeyTalk

If they keep screwing up, then yes.

How Disappointing Was Your Team's NHL Playoff Run This Year? - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

I don't know...not as disappointing as last year.

Want Free Stanley Cup Tickets? Try Impressing This Craigslist Weirdo-Deadspin

Fact: 40% of people who buy or sell things on Craigslist are murdered during the transaction. You've been warned.

NHL ends Conference Finals with NBC's best ever ratings | Awful Announcing

Game 2 of the Final is on NBCSN? On Saturday? If you don't get that channel for some reason, don't forget they're streaming the games, too.

The NHL Playoffs' Big Winner: Buffalo Wild Wings-Buzzfeed

Makes sense...they have a ton of TV's and serve a delicious, delicious product. (Not a sponsored post)

Bryan Bickell May Have Played Himself Off the Blackhawks-The Hockey Writers

Yep, and somebody will probably overpay.

Gary Bettman Wondering If He Really Has To Attend Every Game Of Stanley Cup Finals-Onion Sports

This may be unpopular, but here it is: Bettman isn't the worst commissioner in sports.