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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Hawks, Bruins Lazy, Play Only 1 OT

What a bunch of loafers. The only thing that *might* excuse it is only having one day off before Game 3 in Boston on Monday night. Hopefully these two teams do better next time out...these people pay a lot of money for playoff tickets. Give 'em some value.

Harry How

Nashville Predators News

Annual Report Card: Chris Mason | The Predatorial

When your first game is your only good game, the resulting grade will be an___.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Five reasons why the Boston Bruins won Game 2 | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Number 4 seems like a pretty big one.

Controversial Play - TSN Video

See above.

Stunning ineptitude on power play could cost the Hawks the Cup - Chicago Sun-Times

Taking a big, fat goose egg on their last 15 isn't good.

Jaromir Jagr's favorite player growing up was ... Jaromir Jagr | Puck Drunk Love

If only he had such good taste when it came to the hairstyle. Or the beard.

The Maple Leafs re-upped their fighter because every team has a fighter | Backhand Shelf

The Predators don't.

New York Rangers should get Mark Messier coaching experience in the AHL - NY Post

That way, they can bump him right up when they fire Vigneault in 2 years.

Report: Avs reject Flames’ bold bid for 2013′s top pick | ProHockeyTalk

Given the quality of players available to the Avs at 1, I wouldn't do this deal either.

Watch Zdeno Chara Punch Sidney Crosby in the Face - Sporting News

Here's a little something for all the Crosby haters out there.

Here's ESPN promoting the Stanley Cup Finals on NBCSN | Awful Announcing

Finally we get some hockey on The Worldwide Leader.

Greatest Moments In Stanley Cup Finals History | The Onion

Some of these could be a bit off. No way to tell for sure, though.