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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Hawks, Bruins Take Game 1

That was a fun start to the Conference Finals, huh? Chicago took care of business in a tight game at home, followed by a somewhat hostile Game 1 in Pittsburgh. The Penguins get a day off to regroup, but the Kings are right back at it tonight. Can they steal one on the road?

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Jamie Sabau

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators' Colin Wilson on the mend from shoulder surgery | The Tennessean

Good to hear he's ahead of schedule. And sleeping well.

Lindholm Could Be A Darkhorse Pick at 4 |

If they make the pick at 4 (see below) I fully expect something I don't expect.

Nashville Predators will listen to offers for No. 4 pick | The Tennessean

I'm more open to this now than I was initially. Just as long as any trade isn't for more "sandpaper".

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Reformed Matt Cooke has relapse in East final opener | CBC Sports

A tough hit, but probably not suspension-worthy.

Sidney Crosby: Refs allowed Bruins to ‘escalate’ physical play in Game 1 loss | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

It's been said a thousand times, but if there's a penalty, the refs need to call it. Playoffs or not.

Kings are on very different road than one that led to Stanley Cup - LA Times

Last year, they could win on the road. This year...not so much.

I've Got A Feeling, A Feeling Deep Inside - Second City Hockey

It's probably just your cold, black heart.

With last four Cup champions still standing, is NHL parity a myth? -

I don't know...with the success the Kings have had, every average or slightly worse team in the league should have hope. All you have to do is make the playoffs, apparently.

NHL playoffs format should change to best of five first round-

A big NO THANK YOU to this idea. Best of seven. That's the number. Seven.

David Shoalts on Phoenix Coyotes Ownership: Different Drum, Still Off-beat - Five For Howling

If the city gives the team more money, there'll be nothing left for police, firefighters, potholes, literacy, kindergartens, clean water, parks, affordable healthcare, or wetlands protections.

If a Roberto Luongo trade fails to materialize, will he do the same at Canucks’ training camp?-Vancouver Sun

I doubt it'll get that far, but who knows? Everybody seems to think a trade has to happen except the Canucks.

VOTE: Who do you want to be the Rangers next coach? - NY Post

Having a coach that can get you to the playoffs is great, but they should really look to hire someone who can take them to the next level. They shouldn't accept mediocrity. So I'd vote for the Rangers to hire someone like that.

Broadcast Blooper: KTLA doesn't know who Robyn Regehr is-Puck Drunk Love

Is it just me, or are these bloopers almost all from Los Angeles?

Penguins and Bruins Issue Joint Statement Asking That No One Play "Black and Yellow" - SportsPickle News

If only.