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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Bummer

Bummer that the Hawks won. Bummer that there's not going to be a Game 7. Bummer that hockey is over for the year. It was an exciting finish though. The Bruins just couldn't hold late leads in Games 1 and 6, and it finally did them in. Whenever the Blackhawks needed a quick goal (or two), they were able to get it. I guess we can call this a victory for deep, dynamic offense over "sandpaper". If we're comparing styles. Congrats to the Blackhawks...they were the best team, start to finish. ( I know what you're thinking..."With a potential worldwide audience of 7 billion, there's no reason for me to vote for OTF in the Toast of Music City Reader's Choice Awards, someone else will do it." But there's a good chance most of those people are thinking the same thing about you. So go vote today. Every vote is important.)

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Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators launch 15-year festivities with new logo | The Tennessean

Spoiler Alert: They found a creative way to use the Roman numeral for "15".

Prospect Profile: Valeri Nichushkin | The Predatorial

I'd much rather pick him than Seth Jones, should they both be available.

Sakic, Roy and the Avs are showing you what posturing looks like | Section 303

Could be. We'll find out Sunday.

Smashville 24/7 - Free Agent Targets: Valtteri Filppula

Another good fit, but I just can't see the Preds spending a ton of money in free agency. The amount they're under the cap is suspiciously close to the bonus amount being paid to Shea Weber.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

20 Years of Awkwardness: A Celebration of Gary Bettman Stanley Cup Presentations - Grantland

I'm a huge fan of #2, mostly because after the presentation of the Cup, the Canucks fans ran out into the street and tried to burn their city to the ground.

VIDEO: Fans celebrate Stanley Cup victory in Wrigleyville - Chicago Sun-Times

They're chartering a bus to Nashville as we speak.

Patrick Kane claims the Conn Smythe | ProHockeyTalk

I wonder if he'll celebrate?

Tuesday Morning Skate: The Most Frustrating Best Team In the East - Stanley Cup of Chowder

I guess it was naive to expect Boston Sports Fan to take it in stride.

This time, miracle ending goes against Bruins | Toronto Sun

At least the Leafs fans enjoyed it.

Andrew Shaw Took A Puck To The Face-Deadspin

Was he wearing a visor? Oh.

Johnston: The perfect end to a season almost lost -

I don't like who won, but at least somebody did. It could've been much, much worse.

Video: Chicago reporter tricks Boston fans with fake Stanley Cup case | Puck Drunk Love


Wild Re-Sign Niklas Backstrom - Hockey Wilderness

Memo to Wild fans: You guys do realize why you're short on cap space this year, right?

The City of Seattle: The NHL's New 'Plan B'-The Hockey Writers

Are they just being used to force Glendale to make a deal?

10 Portraits of Handsome NHL Players from the 1970s - SportsPickle Opinion

I bet the 70's smelled really bad.

Why Summer Is Actually The Worst-Buzzfeed

Because there's no hockey, of course.