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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Warrior Or Lunatic?

We finally found out the extent of Patrice Bergeron's "body injury"...broken ribs, a torn muscle, a separated shoulder, AND a punctured lung. What? I know the hockey culture dictates that you play hurt, but this is ridiculous. Nick Cotsonika wrote a great column on Yahoo! Sports yesterday tackling this subject, and if you haven't read it, I highly suggest you do. What do you think? Was he right to play, or should he have sat out? (Here at OTF, we never sit out, regardless of the injury. Indigestion, hangover, carpal doesn't matter. We always answer the bell. If you have a minute, head over and vote for us in the Toast of Music City Reader's Choice Awards. Honor the warrior spirit.)

Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Free Agent Targets: Viktor Stalberg

We'll need a new "talented but inconsistent" guy after Sergei leaves.

Climer off-base suggesting Preds should draft Nichushkin - Section 303

For the reasons stated, yes. I still think drafting (and not trading) Seth Jones would be the worst possible outcome.

Ranking Nashville's First Round Picks: Top 5 |

Three of these guys are now playing somewhere else :(

Rich Clune’s Ready…ARE YOU? | III Communication

He's just saying the things we're all thinking, but are afraid to say ourselves.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Jaromir Jagr won't return to Boston in 2013-14 | Puck Drunk Love

He's probably gonna play ten more years.

Maybe the Canucks do need someone to crack the whip, but do they really need the Sedins killing penalties?-Vancouver Province

So Tortorella made it through exactly ZERO games before his style was criticized. Gotta be some kind of record.

Both Bickell, Blackhawks hope a deal can be made | ProHockeyTalk

If he wants to leave a significant amount of money on the table, he can stay.

Andrew Ference Truly Thankful for Time With Bruins, Sad to Have to Move On |

Does he want to move to Nashville?

NHL’s Stanley Cup shot glasses commemorate Blackhawks’ triumph over… Penguins? (Photo) | Puck Daddy

I'm sure an intern is to blame. It's almost always an intern.

Ilya Bryzgalov buyout: So, uh... what now? - Broad Street Hockey

History says whatever they do, it'll probably be an expensive mistake.

Add This To The "Disgusting Things To Happen To The Stanley Cup" Lore-Deadspin

I thought there was a whole team of guys protecting the Cup at all how could this happen?

Tips on Surviving a Hockey-less Summer - Sunbelt Hockey Journal

All very solid suggestions.

Boston Fans Had a Very ... Hands-On Approach to Losing the Stanley Cup - SportsPickle Picture

Classy, as always, Boston Sports Fan.