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2013 NHL Draft: Nashville Predators Pick Emil Pettersson & Tommy Veilleux in 6th Round

Nashville Predators assistant GM Paul Fenton.
Nashville Predators assistant GM Paul Fenton.
Bruce Bennett

The Nashville Predators kept dipping into their Nordic talent pipeline by selecting center Emil Pettersson with the 140th overall pick, and added some toughness in winger Tommy Veilleux in the sixth round of the 2013 NHL Draft, making him their third selection this year from Quebec's junior hockey league.

Pettersson is a slight center (6'0", 152 lb) who scored at a point-per-game pace in Sweden's junior circuit this season. He'll definitely need to pound a few Swedish meatballs before coming over to play in North America.

Veilleux (a teammate of Nashville's 3rd-round pick Jonathan Diaby with Victoriaville in the QJMHL) isn't much of a scorer, but is a rough & tumble kind of forward who knows how to make himself known with the Nashville media:

Indeed he can... take a look at him dropping the gloves a few months ago: