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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Penguins Eaten By Bruins

No team has ever won a playoff series after scoring only two goals. It's the longest streak in NHL history, and barring some sort of miracle in the Finals, it'll continue for at least one more year. The Penguins will have a lot to think about this offseason. Something just isn't working for them. So after the Kings fail on the road again tonight, we'll have a Chicago-Boston Stanley Cup Final...hey, at least that means we're getting that much closer to training camp.

Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

2013-14 Nashville Predators: Who Stays, Who Goes | The Hockey Writers

Paul Gaustad is overpaid. But will the Preds eat that mistake? (Editor's Note: Everyone is worth what someone is willing to pay them. But Gaustad's contract is, um, a bit high.)

Barkov Could Be Something Completely Different For Nashville |

He may not have enough sandpaper in his game for some, so we'll see.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Crosby thinks Penguins ‘deserved better’ | ProHockeyTalk

There's no such thing as "deserve" in sports.

Zdeno Chara saves Bruins Video - NHL VideoCenter

The man is like 11 feet tall with skates, so just rolling around in front of the goal can accomplish a lot.

JaROFL IginLOL - Stanley Cup of Chowder

At least you're taking the high road, Boston Sports Fan. I know it's not your style.

Win or done, Los Angeles Kings must break road pattern - LA Times

Seems unlikely.

Thanks to terrific trio, Avalanche facing difficult draft decision - The Denver Post

I'd still be very surprised if they don't take Seth Jones.

NHL playoffs: The 20 reasons why the Stanley Cup chase is the best postseason in sports -

There's absolutely no doubt about this.

Legendary Homer Jack Edwards Compares One Bruin's Shot-Block To D-Day-Deadspin

A bit of a reach.

Destroying samples? NHL drug testing policy gets curious revision in new CBA | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

What else are they going to do with them? Can you imagine rows and rows of refrigerators filled with decades of urine samples? Ewwwww.

Andy McDonald of St. Louis Blues retires due to concussions - ESPN

A smart decision. It's better to quit a little early while you can still remember your own name.

Sidney Crosby Rekindles Ovechkin Rivalry with Disappointing Playoff Exit - SportsPickle News

Too soon?

18 Rules Of Attending A Sporting Event As An Adult-Buzzfeed

Number 1 is very important. I try my best to obey that one every time.