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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Blackhawks Win Double Overtime Thriller!

Now that the Los Angeles One Trick Ponies have finally been shipped off to the glue factory, we've got the Original Six matchup that everybody (ok, almost nobody) wanted. It does seem that the two best teams made it to the Finals though, and that's always a good thing. We'll kick things off in Chicago Wednesday night...will you be watching?

Jonathan Daniel

Nashville Predators News

Pens loss mirrors Preds from last year | Predators Insider

Ugh. Don't remind me.

Why Nashville Should Go After Mark Streit | The Predatorial

Not if he really wants 3-4 years at $5.5 million per.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Blackhawks/Bruins Stanley Cup Preview: Five questions about the 2013 Final | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

They left off question #6...Which fan base will be the most obnoxious when they win the cup?

Sutter: ‘Gving up bad goals puts your head between your legs’ | ProHockeyTalk

Things really are done differently in Los Angeles.

Anze Kopitar finds himself just as Kings are lost - LA Times

Too little, too late.

Plenty of excellent choices for new Oilers coach-Edmonton Journal

A reminder that this is the man making the hiring decisions.

Why Antti Niemi's Play Means Sharks Need a Backup | The Hockey Writers

I thought every goalie had a backup. If the Sharks have been rolling with just one, yeah, it's a cause for concern.

Ain’t None Of Us Columbus | III Communication

There will come a day when we forget about Columbus entirely. But it's not today.

Mark Cuban Is Throwing A Pile Of Flopping Money At A Study-Deadspin

Oooh! Do hockey next!

Listen to a Bruins fan prank a Pittsburgh bar | Backhand Shelf

I was SHOCKED he didn't go with "How you like them apples?".

The Least Athletic-Looking Athlete in Sports - SportsPickle Toplist

There's really no "winner" here. Now I don't feel bad about those extra donuts I'm having this morning.