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Friday's Dump & Chase: Ilya Kovalchuck "Retires", Heading to the KHL

Well that was a shocker, huh? It may be tough to believe that someone would leave $77 million on the table, but it looks like he'll be able to recover that and then some playing in the KHL. And apparently, the tax situation in RUSSIA is more favorable than it is in New Jersey, an embarrassment that deserves its own category. Could this become a growing problem for the league? I think it could be more of a problem for the Russian players who actually want to play here, as teams will rightfully think long and hard about giving out long, big-dollar deals to guys who might decide to bail and head home after a year or two. If I were the Penguins, for example, I wouldn't feel too great about having Evgeni Malkin "locked up" for the next few years. ( One thing we can promise...we will NEVER move to Russia, no matter how much money they throw at us. We're committed to Nashville, which is what you'd expect from a Best Blog candidate in the Toast of Music City Reader's Choice Awards. Get your vote in today!)

Bruce Bennett

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Shalla hopes to become puzzle piece

I can't stop thinking about him trying to become an actual puzzle piece.

Top 10 Franchise Players In The NHL-The Hockey Writers

Shea Weber is on the list. Pekka Rinne is not. Discuss.

Putting his past behind him, Liambas is creating new opportunities for himself | The Predatorial

A great story.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Jeremy Roenick rips Ilya Kovalchuk for retiring from NHL - CBS Sports

Shocking, I know.

Modernized version of ‘NHL 94′ to appear in upcoming ‘NHL 14′ video game | Puck Daddy

A big miss in my opinion. It just looks like the new game.

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Lots of turnover with the captains this year.

The Edmonton Sun thinks the Oilers traded for Alex Pietrangelo | Puck Drunk Love

The interns strike again!

Pepsi Center gets new JumboTron for Avalanche and Nuggets-Denver Post

This is awesome.

ESPN Gets Defensive About Ratings Drop-Deadspin

There's a drop because the ratings were unexpectedly HIGH the year before. Ok.