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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: The Problem With The NHL All-Star Game

The best all-star game is tonight in New York. It's really the only watchable all-star competition, mostly because it's essentially played the same as a regular season contest, despite being pretty meaningless (Unless you think the lone representative for the Royals or Marlins actually cares a whole lot about who gets home field advantage in the World Series). The other leagues can't really replicate this because they're much more physical...nobody wants LeBron taking a charge or Tom Brady diving for that extra yard in a meaningless game. This is true for hockey too, but for me, the biggest problem with the NHL all-star game is consistency. Take a look at the last few years...what are we doing here? East vs. West, then North America vs. The World, then East vs. West then "Team Chara"...what? It's a mess. And let's not forget the cancellations are almost as common as the game itself over the last decade. So what do you think? Can the game be fixed? Or do you think it's just fine the way it is?

Christian Petersen

Nashville Predators News

Smashville 24/7 - Jones destined for greatness

I think it might be time to issue a "settle down" on the expectations and comparisons here. Just a reminder that he's 18 and has played zero NHL games.

Three Minutes With: Milwaukee Admirals starter Magnus Hellberg - Section 303

Magnus is such a powerful name. I may change my name to Magnus...just gotta run it by my mom first.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Winners and Losers of Ilya Kovalchuk's Retirement - Grantland

A bit more "winners" than I expected, but ok.

Ron Hextall returns to Flyers as assistant GM, Director of Hockey Ops - Broad Street Hockey

Could be a bummer for those who hoped the overspending and failure would continue indefinitely.

Former Leafs’ assistant GM Bill Watters has some harsh words for Dion Phaneuf | Backhand Shelf

He's not a fan, to say the least.

Scouting Dallas Stars Center Tyler Seguin: The Franchise's Next Mike Modano? - Defending Big D

I would've preferred he be traded to Tampa or Calgary instead.

Evander Kane skates for first time since surgery | ProHockeyTalk

Whatever you do, do not, under any circumstances, search YouTube for "nerve release surgery".

NCAA Hockey: Viva Las Vegas-The Hockey Writers

"Las Vegas. A city built of hot sand, broken dreams and $5 lobster. A city where you can get a happy ending, if you pay a little extra. A city home to a sporting event greater than the World Cup, World Series and World War II combined."

Sabres Third Jersey 'Sneak Glimpse' Video Confirms Gold Color, Same Logo - Die By The Blade

Why can't we get a new third jersey?