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Friday's Dump & Chase: Can You Root For "Bad" Guys?

Justin Bourne had a great piece yesterday trying to evaluate the the role of "character" on a hockey team, and as a fan of a team that seems to place a high value on this particular trait, does it matter to you? Is character overvalued here? Would you rather the team pass on a guy who's clearly a skilled player because he might be viewed as a head case?

Christian Petersen

Nashville Predators News

One year later, Flyers fans continue to believe Shea Weber will be traded - Section 303

I don't hold it against them. As fans, we're prone to believe lots of stupid things.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Daly: NHL won’t release schedule until Olympic agreement is finalized | ProHockeyTalk

Just say "No" to the Olympics and we can all move on.

What will new NHL Divisions be called? | Edmonton Journal

I've finally found something Gretzky-related that I don't like.

Colorado Avalanche signs Matt Duchene to a 5-year extension - Mile High Hockey


Dustin Brown signs eight-year contract extension - Jewels From The Crown

He'll be 37 at the end of the deal, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Youth Movement Must Come to Pittsburgh-The Hockey Writers

If they want to unload some of their "older guys"...

Sidney Crosby on Zdeno Chara’s punch to his jaw during playoffs | Puck Daddy

He seems to be taking it in stride.

Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: Ray Emery

Say goodbye to the Cup,'re headed to Philly.

ESPN needs a lesson in economics | Awful Announcing

If ESPN was removed from my cable package in favor of a stand-alone $30 subscription, I'd NEVER watch it again. And it would be easy.

Kobayashi Takes On The Gallon Challenge-Buzzfeed

It was thought to be impossible. Until now.