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Thursday's Dump & Chase: A Day With The Cup

If you haven't checked out the Stanley Cup Journals at the Hockey Hall of Fame, I highly recommend it. If you can stand looking at the Blackhawks' stupid faces, it's actually a pretty interesting look at one of the greatest traditions in sports. And if you can't stand looking at the Blackhawks' stupid faces, they keep the journals back to you can pick a team that isn't as annoying. If you had a day with the Cup, what would you do? Besides drinking. Everybody does that.

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Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

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If hockey coaches made mistakes...which they don't.

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The Leafs are right at the top.

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Making bizarre modifications to the rules of golf, apparently.

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Colin Wilson in the top 20.

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That's good, since they don't really have a backup plan.

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Pretty amazing, considering the extent of the flooding last month.

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This is what happens when you waste your life studying "real" subjects like math or literature.

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Can't blame the interns for this one...or can you?

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The invention of the year. I'd love to see this at Bridgestone at some point.

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Some people just aren't built for an exclusive relationship.