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Who Was the Greatest #38 in Nashville Predators History?

Jack Hillen brings the thunder.
Jack Hillen brings the thunder.
Frederick Breedon

Our Nashville Predators jersey number series moves on to #38, which has been borne by six different players in franchise history, with varying degrees of success.

Remember, the debate and poll here are about who was the greatest #38 for Nashville, we're not talking about what they did while wearing other numbers, or playing for other teams...

Jeff Nelson

Originally a 2nd-round draft pick by the Washington Capitals, Nelson played two seasons in the mid-90's for the Caps before being signed as a free agent by the Preds shortly before their inaugural 1998-1999 season. The weird thing I found about Nelson is that he wore #38 for his first seven games for Nashville, but switched to #7 for the last two. The final time he wore #38 was on October 24, 1998 (the day I got married, actually).

During those seven games as #38, he scored two goals and added an assist, but was sent down to Milwaukee where he finished the season before being traded back to Washington in June 1999.

Alexandre Boikov

This defenseman spent three seasons with the Milwaukee Admirals from 1999-2002, and appeared in 10 games for Nashville during that time. While he didn't make an impact on the scoreboard, he did manage to get in a fight with Colorado's Alex Tanguay on December 29, 2000, so he has that going for him.

Vern Fiddler

Fiddler played 305 games for the Predators over the course of six seasons, filling a variety of roles up front such as playing wing or center from the 1st all the way down to the 4th line, and contributing on both sides of special teams. His Nashville totals add up to 45 goals, 48 assists, and one of the most appropriate matches between player name & city in NHL history.

Dave Scatchard

Scatchard was on the tail end of his playing days when he signed as a free agent with the Preds just as the 2009-2010 season was getting underway, and while he scored three goals and added two assists in his 16 games for Nashville, a few untimely penalties earned him a one-way ticket to Milwaukee in late December.

Peter Olvecky

Olvecky was signed a depth forward in the summer of 2009 but played just one nondescript game for the Predators, spending the rest of that season with the Admirals.

Jack Hillen

"Thunder" Jack was a bit of a fan favorite during his one season with the Predators, 2011-2012, in which he played 55 games on defense, chipping in two goals and four assists. A speedy but undersized blueliner, Hillen's a good example of how the Preds sometimes talk all summer long about putting lots of kids on defense, but as the regular season approaches, the perceived stability that comes along with a veteran tips the decision-making in favor of a free agent.

Hillen moved on to Washington, where he recently signed a two-year contract.

So which of these #38's stands out to you as the greatest in Preds history? Cast your vote in the poll, and let the debate begin!

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