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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Does Hockey Have a PED Problem?

Not in the sense that baseball and football do, certainly. Because there's less scrutiny on hockey, but also because there have been very few positive tests. Larry Brooks has a column out today suggesting the NHL is totally clean (he says there have been zero positive tests, but I found evidence of a couple: here and here), but does that seem likely, given what's happening in the other major sports? Not to me, and there's at least some anecdotal evidence to support that position. So what do you think? Is this a thing?

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Nashville Predators News

Nashville Predators improve in offseason, but scoring still will be issue | The Tennessean

Do these grades seem high, or am I just being too negative? Because I seriously can't tell anymore.

Is Nashville's problem at forward a hidden blessing? - The Predatorial

Is this crazy, or I am I just being too negative? Because I seriously can't tell anymore.

Jordin Tootoo's possible return to Nashville: Good or bad for the Preds? - Predlines

Could something this dumb actually happen, or am I just being too negative? Because I seriously can't tell anymore.

Seth Jones: Looking at His Time With the Dallas Junior Stars-Sunbelt Hockey Journal

I don't see a negative angle here, so maybe I'm ok.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Kane’s summer plan: stay out of trouble | ProHockeyTalk

It seems so simple, and yet...

Getting to Know the CBA -Waivers - Winging It In Motown

As a Predators fan, this should be very important information for you.

Toronto Maple Leafs overly optimistic as usual -

That's surprising, given how interesting things have been from the Game 7 collapse until now.

NBC Sports Chief Talks Sochi Olympics, Keeps Curt on Russia's Anti-Gay Laws- The Hollywood Reporter

Move along. Nothing to see here.

NHL Network™ Fan Vote: The Best Game 7's in the Past 20 Years- NHL Network

The top 5 will air on Saturday, August 3rd.

Rules that should be reconsidered: No Shootouts in the Playoffs - Hockey Wilderness

What's this, now?

Attention Baseball GMs! Twitter Has Trade Advice for You! - SportsPickle

Oooh! Do hockey next!