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2014 Stanley Cup Odds: Bovada Discounts the Nashville Predators' Work

Bruce Bennett

Sports book Bovada just released their latest odds for NHL teams to win the 2014 Stanley Cup, and based on how things have changed over the last month, it doesn't look like they have a very high opinion of the Nashville Predators' free agent signings, as their line has slipped from 40/1 on June 25 to 50/1 as of today.

Personally, I can understand the lukewarm reaction. While I'm jazzed about Viktor Stalberg, and look at Matt Cullen as a reasonable addition to bring depth at center, the Hendricks & Nystrom additions left me underwhelmed and the backup goaltending situation looks like a leap of faith. But let's take a look at the overall situation:

2014 Stanley Cup Odds

06/25/2013 07/29/2013
Pittsburgh Penguins 13/2 Chicago Blackhawks 6/1
Chicago Blackhawks 15/2 Pittsburgh Penguins 13/2
Boston Bruins 9/1 Boston Bruins 10/1
St. Louis Blues 12/1 Los Angeles Kings 12/1
Los Angeles Kings 14/1 St. Louis Blues 12/1
Vancouver Canucks 14/1 Detroit Red Wings 16/1
Detroit Red Wings 16/1 Vancouver Canucks 16/1
New York Rangers 16/1 San Jose Sharks 18/1
San Jose Sharks 16/1 Edmonton Oilers 20/1
Anaheim Ducks 20/1 Minnesota Wild 20/1
Toronto Maple Leafs 25/1 New York Rangers 20/1
Washington Capitals 25/1 Anaheim Ducks 22/1
Montreal Canadiens 28/1 Montreal Canadiens 25/1
Carolina Hurricanes 33/1 Toronto Maple Leafs 25/1
Edmonton Oilers 33/1 Washington Capitals 25/1
Minnesota Wild 33/1 Philadelphia Flyers 28/1
New York Islanders 33/1 New York Islanders 33/1
Ottawa Senators 33/1 Ottawa Senators 33/1
Philadelphia Flyers 33/1 Carolina Hurricanes 40/1
Colorado Avalanche 40/1 Colorado Avalanche 40/1
Columbus Blue Jackets 40/1 Columbus Blue Jackets 40/1
Nashville Predators 40/1 Dallas Stars 40/1
New Jersey Devils 40/1 New Jersey Devils 40/1
Tampa Bay Lightning 40/1 Nashville Predators 50/1
Winnipeg Jets 40/1 Tampa Bay Lightning 50/1
Buffalo Sabres 50/1 Winnipeg Jets 50/1
Calgary Flames 50/1 Phoenix Coyotes 66/1
Dallas Stars 50/1 Buffalo Sabres 100/1
Phoenix Coyotes 50/1 Calgary Flames 100/1
Florida Panthers 100/1 Florida Panthers 150/1

From a positive viewpoint, the biggest move upward was by the Edmonton Oilers & Minnesota Wild, with each team moving from 33/1 to 20/1, while the Buffalo Sabres & Calgary Flames plummeted from 50/1 to 100/1 each.

So, are you heading to Las Vegas this summer and would you care to place any bets? As far as teams that look undervalued, the Ottawa Senators might make a bit of a dark horse...

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