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NHL Free Agency Open Thread: The Preds Go Shopping

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's going to be a busy, busy day, so let's use this thread as a placeholder for general discussion (Predators-related moves will get their own posts as news develops).

So what's on David Poile's shopping list for this summer? The major focus is on forwards capable of boosting the top two lines, but the Preds could also use a veteran on the left side of the second defense pair, and of course there's the backup goalie job to consider.

But let's face it, the forward ranks are where most attention is going today. Here are 9 guys the Predators should consider (oh, and there's Mikhail Grabovski, too), along with the ones they should avoid (thank you, Montreal, for signing Danny Briere).

The festivities begin at 11:00 a.m. Central, when we hear the results of yesterday's waiver wire activity and the starting gun sounds on NHL Free Agency 2013.

GM's, start your cell phones!