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Monday's Dump & Chase: Development Camp Starts Tomorrow; Who Makes The Team?

Our next milestone on the way to the 2013-14 season starts tomorrow at Centennial Sportsplex. We'll get our first up close and personal look at Seth Jones and the return of Filip Forsberg, among others. Before our recent Free Agent Frenzy, there was a good chance that some of these guys would make the team. How about now? Jones and Forsberg are probably locks...will anybody else be here in the fall? With our backup goaltender situation still a bit murky, I'm looking at Magnus Hellberg as having a shot. How 'bout you? (There are only SIX days left to vote in the Toast of Music City Reader's Choice Awards, so get your vote in today! Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of something special!)


Nashville Predators News

Predators fans applaud moves, but largely on the fence over free agent signings | The Predatorial

"On the fence" is a pretty accurate description of how I feel about it.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

NHL free agents: Five best remaining leads with Mikhail Grabovski - Sporting News

Ugh. Don't remind me.

Avalanche defense remains mediocre despite improvements to team - The Denver Post

If only the Avs had an opportunity to draft someone to remedy the situation.

Bettman Doesn’t Give Points To Losers |

Ok, you sold me. Let's change the standings.

Lindros in the Hall a tough call | Hockey | Toronto Sun

I would vote "maybe".

Friedman: Senators pay for slip in Alfredsson talks-CBC Sports

I can certainly see how he would feel disrespected.

Jarome Iginla Discusses His Time With The Penguins-The Hockey Writers

Maybe next year he can play in Chicago, and the year after that, Detroit.

Who Had A Better Free Agency Day: Dave Nonis or a Potato? - Pension Plan Puppets

The potato put up a very strong performance. Might get a look at the next open job.

Jon Heyman Has Your Clubhouse Leader For Greatest Typo-Deadspin

It was probably the same guy who hacked Tyler Seguin.