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Thursday's Dump & Chase: NFL to Copy NHL All-Star Format

The NFL is going to add a fantasy draft element to the Pro Bowl this season, copying a format the NHL has been using the last couple of years. The Pro Bowl is pretty stupid, but here's the is the game they're copying! I can't stand the fantasy format, but maybe it will work for the NFL, given the popularity of fantasy football. And Leon Sandcastle is going to be involved, which is never a bad thing.


Nashville Predators News

Analyzing the Predators' Offseason: Have They Done Enough? - The Predatorial

#NegativeNellie, etc. Also, the only hockey article you'll ever read that uses the word "topiaries".

Six predictions for the Preds in 2013-14-Fang Faction

Ok, except the bit about Seth Jones. I bet he stays, regardless.

Three Minutes With: Team USA gold medalist Jimmy Vesey - Section 303

He's a Harvard guy, but don't hold it against him. We all make mistakes.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Seven other things the NFL should totally steal from the NHL | Puck Daddy

Touchdown horns would be awesome!

Dave Lozo’s Bag Skate: 16-ish ways to make hockey better for everyone (mostly the fans though) | Backhand Shelf

LOVE #7, but I'd also add a #17: If you bring seafood to the arena for the purpose of throwing it on the ice, you're banned from every league venue. For life.

Estimating the Value of Paul Stastny - Mile High Hockey

They should totally trade him to Nashville. We could put together a great package to help solidify their 4th line.

Ilya Bryzgalov headed to Sweden? |

Be careful, buddy. The Swedish media is notoriously ill-tempered.

Sharks use Corsi to evaluate junior players according to scout Brian Gross - Fear The Fin

Smart teams will use all the information they can get their hands on.

NHLPA increases benefits for Senior Retired Players Fund | ProHockeyTalk

I think we should start a retired bloggers fund. We can't "play the game" forever.

Florida Panthers sign UFA Scott Gomez to one-year deal - Litter Box Cats

We can't sign all the "depth" forwards, guys.

Gangsterism In The KHL-The Hockey Writers

They wanted the international spotlight that comes with hosting the they've got it. (h/t Predaceous)

Why Aren't Other Sports Leagues Asking to See the Biogenesis Records? - The Atlantic

Because you should never ask a question if you don't really want to know the answer.

The Giants Are Adding a Giant Garden Behind Centerfield in AT&T Park | Extra Mustard

How long does it take to grow a hot dog?