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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Don't You Know Who I Am?

So Sidney Crosby gets to cut in line at the DMV? UNACCEPTABLE! I realize he's only taking advantage of a policy the state put in place, but c' hard is it to stand in line for 4-6 hours like the rest of us? Whose fault is it that he's famous, anyway? If he would've been terrible at hockey, nobody would know who he is, and his presence wouldn't cause a disturbance. And where does it end? Are celebrities going to get cable service windows shorter than between 9a and 5p? On-time mail delivery? Should they go first in the emergency room? The possibilities are endless.

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Nashville Predators News

Updates on the new Bridgestone Arena renovations and more - The Predatorial

I like the new policy designed to discriminate against Chicago fans. Hope it works.

Boclair: For Nashville coaches, sporting innocence is gone | Nashville City Paper

"Perhaps the evolution of Music City as a sports town has reached a point that patience no longer is a virtue."

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

What does Selanne have left to accomplish? | ProHockeyTalk

Basically nothing, but I suppose that's up to him.

Likely new owner of the N.J. Devils seen as a builder, not a destroyer |

That's good to know.

2013 NHL Mock Expansion Draft - Arctic Ice Hockey

What do you think about the "unprotected" list for the Preds?

Core in place, Minnesota Wild look for playoff run -

I'm not sure about this. A deep playoff run means more games, and therefore less Family Time.

2013 Dallas Stars Season In Review: Goal Of The Year - Defending Big D

There's no way they forgot about this one, right? It was on their home ice and everything...

United States defeats Canada 5-1 in junior hockey exhibition - The Globe and Mail

USA! USA! USA! Also, this.

Burgers and beer used to be a hockey player's training camp fuel-Vancouver Province

Now I guess it's just for the fans.

25 Fans Who Have No Idea What The Damn Score Is-Buzzfeed

It's not whether you win or's how you play the game.