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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Does Hockey Need the KHL?

Over at The Hockey Writers, they found somebody to say "yes". Now, while I pretty much believe everything negative that's been said about the league, it seems to be working for them, so whatever. But to say that hockey NEEDS them to continue to be successful seems pretty ridiculous. Looking at the points made by this weirdo author, what do you think?

Martin Rose

Nashville Predators News

Preds getting creative to Keep the Red Out (sorry Chicago fans) - Section 303

One thing they should add: When you walk through the door in a Blackhawks jersey, you get a shaving cream pie to the face.

USA Hockey G.O.A.L For Adults -Penalty Box Radio

Anybody go to this?

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

How You'd Fix It: Grantland Readers Fix the NHL - Grantland

Lots of creative ideas here.

How The NHL Fit Into Whitey Bulger's Underworld Empire-Deadspin

Apparently there are lots of ways to get a Stanley Cup ring.

Rebuttal: Hockey Will Stagnate Without the KHL-The Hockey Writers

I don't think so.

Blue Jackets hire Zito as assistant general manager -

Columbus seems like a pretty terrible place to live, but if they really need my expertise, I guess I'll give it a shot.

Seguin’s partying ways won’t mean much if he plays well | ProHockeyTalk

Of course.

Titan prospect Jordan Boyd, 16, dies after collapsing on ice | Buzzing The Net

A horrible story.

Jets bottom six and center depth remain questionable - Arctic Ice Hockey

So glad we don't have that problem. No team in the history of the game has dominated the bottom six like we have. #Depth

NHL enforcer, UFC team up to fight Parkinson's disease - MMA Fighting

A very worthy cause.

5 Reasons People Hate Sports — That Sports Fans Secretly Understand-Buzzfeed

I don't understand these. AT ALL.