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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Jets Are the Latest to Attack the Great City of Chicago

Well, they're being bullied again, you guys. Winnipeg has announced that they won't be selling single-game tickets through the official re-sale site to Chicago fans (or anyone) unless they're on the waiting list for season tickets. How can they restrict access like this? So unfair. Hawks fans should be able to travel to any game they want, without limitation. (Editor's Note: Any outrage should be hypothetical, since nobody would travel to Winnipeg on purpose.)

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Marianne Helm

Nashville Predators News

Portland Winterhawks Head Coach Mike Johnston Discusses Seth Jones-Sun Belt Hockey

A very realistic assessment, I think.

Around the Wide Wide World of Hockey

Report: Markham arena deal could be dead in September | ProHockeyTalk

I guess Toronto isn't getting a second team anytime soon.

Edmonton Oilers need more production from third- and fourth-line wingers-Edmonton Journal

That's better than needing all your production from third and fourth-line wingers.

Fox Sports 1 Is Already Ignoring Hockey-Deadspin

Say it ain't so...

Hockey boycott of Sochi Olympics to protest anti-gay laws? Yeah, not so much | Puck Daddy

Not happening. For any reason.

An NHL team in Las Vegas? - The Hockey News

No, unless they want to relocate the Wild or something.

Devils sale another feather in Gary Bettman’s cap - The Globe and Mail

As a commissioner, he's going to be remembered as "Not That Bad", which is really one of the top ratings you can get.

Canucks buffaloed by their wingers’ meagre production-The Province

A sad story.

Did a Spirit Stick Doom the Texas Stars Ice Girls?-The Hockey Writers

It's possible you're over-thinking it, guy.

The Flyers Want Fans' Help In Setting The Dumbest World Record-Deadspin

Go watch paint dry!